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How do Edgenuity courses fit into the high school curriculum?

Ok, I heard about Edgenuity courses being offered at my school. Can someone who’s taken them tell me how they work and if they're considered the same as regular classes by colleges?

7 months ago

Edgenuity courses offer a variety of online classes that students can take, including core subjects, electives, Advanced Placement (AP), and credit recovery options. These courses fit into your high school curriculum by providing additional learning opportunities that may not be available at your school due to scheduling conflicts or resource limitations.

Colleges generally evaluate online courses like those from Edgenuity similarly to traditional in-person classes, particularly if the online courses are part of your official high school curriculum and appear on your transcript. However, it's important to demonstrate to colleges that you have taken a rigorous course load, so if you have a choice, prioritize advanced or AP level courses, whether online or in person, over standard level courses.

Always make sure to check with your school counselor to understand how the credits from Edgenuity courses will be applied towards your graduation requirements and how they are reflected in your academic record.

7 months ago

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