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Should I fill out the optional questions on the Common App or is it overkill?

Is anyone else a junior wondering whether it's worth the time to answer all those optional questions on the Common App? Are admissions officers really expecting us to fill these out, or is it just extra noise in our application?

7 months ago

I completely understand that the application process can seem overwhelming with all the sections that call for your attention. Generally speaking, the optional questions on the Common App are an opportunity to provide additional information that can help admissions committees get a fuller picture of you. Often, filling them out is a way to showcase aspects of your personality, background, or interests that might not be evident elsewhere in your application. Think of them less like 'extra noise' and more like 'enhancement tools' for your application narrative.

However, if the information you'd provide is repetitive or doesn't add substantial value, it might be better to use that space judiciously. Essentially, if you have something important or distinctive to share, it's certainly worth including. Always consider the relevancy and impact of the information you are adding to your application.

7 months ago

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