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Reasons for 8th graders to take the PSAT

I saw some of our 8th graders at school taking the PSAT and I was wondering, why do they do that? Is there any advantage to taking it so early? Do colleges look at these scores or is it just for experience?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's actually pretty common for younger students to take the PSAT, and there are a few benefits to doing so. First off, it can be a great diagnostic tool. It provides students with an early understanding of potential areas for improvement before they start preparing for the official SAT. Also, taking the test early helps students get used to the format and the types of questions they can expect on standardized tests.

While colleges won't look at PSAT scores from 8th graders when making admissions decisions, the experience can certainly reduce test anxiety and help set a foundation for future test-taking strategies. Lastly, if a student scores particularly well, it can be a confidence booster, encouraging them to strive for similar outcomes on future standardized tests. It's all about getting that head start and familiarizing themselves with the exam environment.

7 months ago

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