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What's the deal with accelerated classes in high school?

So, I've heard a lot about accelerated classes and I'm kinda interested. Could someone explain what are they exactly and how do they differ from AP or honors courses? Also, do colleges look at them favorably or should I stick to the AP track if I want to have the most rigorous schedule possible?

7 months ago

Accelerated classes are usually faster-paced and cover material more deeply than regular classes. They're designed for students who grasp concepts quickly and are eager for a challenge. They're similar to honors courses but might be even more challenging depending on your school's curriculum.

On the other hand, AP (Advanced Placement) courses are college-level classes that end with an exam, which can potentially earn you college credits based on the score you achieve.

Colleges definitely look favorably upon accelerated courses because they show that you're taking on a challenging academic load. It signals to admissions committees that you're proactive about your education and willing to push your boundaries.

However, AP courses are often considered the gold standard because of the standardized exam, which provides a measure of comparison for colleges. If you're trying to have the most rigorous schedule possible, highly selective colleges do look for AP classes, but an accelerated class can be seen as similar in rigor, especially if AP courses are not available.

My advice is to balance your schedule with a mix of AP and accelerated classes where it makes sense for you, focusing on subjects that interest you and align with your anticipated college major or career field. Universities appreciate a rigorous schedule, but also value a student who is engaged in their learning and pursuing their interests.

7 months ago

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