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What majors does Vassar College particularly excel in?

Hey folks, currently trying to get my college list together, and I'm sorta intrigued by Vassar College. I've read about their liberal arts focus, but which majors are they REALLY known for? Anyone got insights on their strongest programs or any personal experiences with Vassar's academics?

7 months ago

Hi there! Vassar is indeed well known for its liberal arts education, and that influence permeates many of their programs.

Given its historical roots, the English department is particularly strong and well-respected. Moreover, they've invested a lot into their drama and film departments, making those programs stand out. If you're into science, they have excellent facilities for undergraduate research, particularly in the psychology and biology departments.

A neat aspect of Vassar is the flexibility of their programs, which allows students to really tailor their education to their interests, creating interdisciplinary studies. There are many stories of students at Vassar who combined studies in multiple subjects, such as environmental science with political science, which is quite unique.

If any of these areas align with your interests, Vassar could be a great fit! It's always advisable to check out the college's website for the most current information or even reach out to the Admissions Office to ask about particular programs. Hope this helps!

7 months ago

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