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Does National Honor Society count as an academic honor?

When I'm filling out applications, should I list National Honor Society as an academic honor or is it considered more of an extracurricular activity?

7 months ago

Great question! National Honor Society (NHS) is a bit unique because it bridges the gap between an academic honor and an extracurricular activity. When filling out your applications, NHS is generally considered an extracurricular activity because it involves meetings, projects, and volunteer work outside of your academic coursework. However, it's rooted in academic achievement—one of the qualifications for membership is maintaining a high GPA.

So, in your applications, you should list the National Honor Society under 'extracurricular activities.' Remember, this doesn't diminish its worth! Colleges recognize NHS as a signal of your commitment to community service and leadership, as well as academic success.

Make sure to highlight your active participation in NHS if you held leadership positions or spearheaded any service projects. This will showcase your involvement and dedication more clearly to admissions committees.

7 months ago

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