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Are free online high school diploma classes worth it for college admissions?

So, I found some free online classes that grant high school credits, and I'm considering taking a few. Are they seen as legit by colleges, or should I stick to my high school's offerings and community college classes?

7 months ago

It's wonderful to hear that you're seeking additional learning opportunities beyond your high school courses. Whether or not free online high school diploma classes are worthwhile for college admissions largely depends on their accreditation and the rigor of the coursework. Colleges typically look for courses that are rigorous and accredited as these are indicators of a quality educational experience.

Before enrolling, check the accreditation of the online program; it should be recognized by an organization sanctioned by the Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Also, consider how these courses would fit into your overall academic profile. If they are in addition to a strong high school curriculum and community college courses, they could enhance your application by showing initiative and a desire to challenge yourself academically.

On the other hand, if the online courses would replace more rigorous options available to you, such as Advanced Placement (AP) courses or dual-enrollment community college classes, they may not be seen as favorably. It's a good strategy to maintain a balance of rigor and breadth in your coursework, so complementing your current educational path with a few strategically chosen online classes can indeed be beneficial.

7 months ago

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