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Why do students choose Boston University?

Thinking of applying to BU but I wanna know what makes it special. Does anybody know some fun facts or special traditions at Boston University that contribute to its student culture and appeal?

7 months ago

Hey there! Students choose Boston University for several reasons—the location is often a big one. Boston is such a vibrant city with a rich history and an abundance of opportunities for internships and jobs. Plus, BU has a really diverse student body, which makes for a fabulous cultural experience.

In terms of traditions, the school has an annual 'BU Night at Fenway Park,' which is super fun—students get to watch the Red Sox play! There's also the BU Lobster Night where students get to enjoy a New England delicacy right in the dining hall. Plus, the Mugar Memorial Library, which students lovingly refer to as 'Club Mugar,' stays open 24 hours during final exams, which can be both a helpful asset and a good way to meaningfully interact with friends and peers.

Academically speaking, BU's programs are well-regarded, with strong faculties in areas like communications, business, and engineering. Many subject areas boast very passionate professors at BU. The urban campus allows students to easily enjoy everything Boston has to offer while still having a sense of a campus community. It's definitely worth a visit if you're considering applying!

7 months ago

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