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Strategizing High School Courses for CS Aspirants

I'm super into computer science and plan on pursuing it in college. Does anyone have recommendations on what courses to take in high school to prep for a CS major? I want to make sure I'm on the right track and getting the foundation I need.

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you already know your passion and are planning ahead. A strong foundation in mathematics, including at least up to Calculus if available at your school, would be beneficial for a future CS major. Computer science itself, if offered, alongside courses in statistics, can provide you with an excellent base. If your school offers AP Computer Science A or Principles, definitely consider taking those.

On the science front, physics can often reinforce the analytical and problem-solving skills you’ll need in computer science. Outside of your standard curriculum, if there's an opportunity for an independent study or an elective in something like programming, databases, or web design, those would be directly beneficial.

Don't forget the importance of extracurricular activities related to computer science, such as coding clubs, hackathons, or personal projects. They can showcase your genuine interest in the field when it comes time for college applications. Best of luck with your coursework and keep up the great work!

7 months ago

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