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Tips for filling out the Activities Section on the Common App?

Hey everyone! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Activities Section of the Common App. How detailed should I be when describing my extracurriculars? Also, are there any strategies for ordering them or choosing which ones to highlight?

7 months ago

First off, it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed! When it comes to the Activities Section, you'll want to be succinct yet descriptive. Aim to highlight your specific contributions and any leadership roles, using action verbs to convey your involvement.

As for strategies, prioritize your activities by importance to you and impact. List the ones where you've had the most significant commitment or leadership first (which typically aligns with Tier 1 and Tier 2 activities).

Remember, quality trumps quantity, so it's better to focus on a few activities where you've shown real dedication and growth. An example might be if you were the secretary for a club, describe initiatives you led or significant projects, rather than just your responsibilities.

Don't worry about filling all ten slots if your involvement isn't deep in that many activities; this section should reflect your genuine interests and commitments. Good luck!

7 months ago

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