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Best study apps recommendations for juggling high school workload?

Hi pals, I’m currently a junior swamped with APs and extracurriculars. Could anyone suggest some effective study apps that have helped them stay organized and on top of their game?

7 months ago

Hey there! That junior year can really be a whirlwind, can't it? Glad you're reaching out for tools to help manage the load. One app that gets a lot of positive feedback from students is My Study Life. It's a free all-in-one study planner that covers your academic and extracurricular schedule. You can track your classes, assignments, tests, and also set reminders. It’s handy because it syncs across all your devices, so whether you’re on your laptop or mobile, your info is up to date.

Another favorite is Quizlet, which is especially good for memorizing terms for your AP classes. You can create flashcards and practice tests, which are great for studying on the go. And don't forget about Google Calendar—it’s simple but extremely effective for scheduling your study time alongside extracurricular activities. You can color-code different activities and set reminders for upcoming tests or project due dates.

I would suggest trying out a couple and seeing which ones mesh well with your study habits. Managing your time will definitely give you an edge in staying on top of your APs and extracurricular commitments. Good luck, and keep reaching out whenever you need!

7 months ago

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