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How important are social science classes for college admissions?

Hey everyone, as I'm planning out my junior year schedule, I'm curious about the role of social science classes. How significant are they in the college admissions process, especially if I'm interested in a STEM field? Do colleges expect to see a certain amount of social science courses on my transcript, or can I focus more on my math and science interests?

7 months ago

While your primary interest in STEM certainly means you'll want to focus on math and science courses, it's beneficial to maintain a well-balanced transcript. Admissions committees typically like to see that students have taken a rigorous course load across all subject areas, including the social sciences. This demonstrates your ability to handle a well-rounded academic challenge.

Generally, most high schools require a certain number of social science credits to graduate, and colleges expect to see that you've met at least these minimum requirements. For a student planning to major in STEM, taking higher-level math and science classes can indeed be your focus, but don't entirely dismiss the social sciences. They can provide valuable skills, like critical thinking and analysis, which are applicable in any field.

You should aim for balance: satisfy the recommended course progression in social science, while taking as many advanced math and science courses as you can manage without overloading yourself. Also, keep in mind that if you're eyeing top-tier colleges, they might have their own recommended or required high school course progression, and this often includes a well-rounded selection of humanities and social science classes.

Overall, prioritize your STEM-related courses but don’t completely forgo the social sciences; they play a role in shaping you into a well-rounded and knowledgeable applicant.

7 months ago

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