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How do I explain 'Education Progression' on the Common App?

I was filling out my Common App and got stumped on the 'Education Progression' part. Can someone explain how detailed this has to be? Like, if I had any interruptions or switches in my education path, how should I present this? Kinda worried about how it might look to admissions officers.

7 months ago

Absolutely, 'Education Progression' can be a confusing section, but it's really just a way for you to provide context about your educational journey. If there were any interruptions in your education, like a gap year or a period when you weren't enrolled in school, or if you've switched schools one or more times, you should explain these changes here.

You'll want to be honest and brief, providing just enough detail to explain the circumstance. For instance, if you moved due to a family situation and had to change schools, you might say something like 'Moved due to a parent's job relocation.' Remember that admissions officers understand that students have complex lives and that an education path isn't always a straight line.

They're looking at this information to understand your story better, not to penalize you for any changes. If your educational progression has a positive light, like an opportunity that arose from a school change, it's worth mentioning too. 'Transitioned to a new school in 10th grade leading to opportunities like advanced science courses' could be a valuable add. Just keep it clear and concise, and use this space to provide insight that isn't available elsewhere in your application.

7 months ago

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