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How can I convey a passion in a college essay for a major like computer science?

Ok so I’m thinking of writing about my love for computer science in my college essay. How should I go about expressing my passion for CS to make my application pop?

7 months ago

Conveying your passion in a college essay, especially for a field like computer science, is crucial because it helps you stand out among many applicants who have similar academic achievements and technical skills.

To make your essay shine, focus on unique experiences that sparked your interest in computer science or how you've engaged with the field outside of school. For example, if you've ever tackled a personal project, participated in CS competitions, or contributed to open-source software, those are great anecdotes to share.

Also, don't forget to reflect on what you've learned from these experiences and how they've shaped your perspective on computer science. Admissions committees are looking for students who are not only talented but also have the drive and curiosity to push the field forward. Your essay is a chance to show them that you are one of those students.

Keep it conversational, inject some personality, and let your genuine enthusiasm for computer science come through!

7 months ago

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