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Are honors courses in high school viewed favorably by colleges if my school doesn't offer many APs?

Incoming junior here. My high school doesn't offer a ton of AP courses, so I've been taking mostly honors classes. Will colleges consider this a strong curriculum given what's available at my school or should I be doing something extra to strengthen my transcript?

7 months ago

Absolutely, colleges do consider the rigor of your coursework in the context of what is available at your school. If your school offers a limited number of AP courses, then excelling in honors classes is indeed seen as taking a rigorous course load. Admissions officers understand that not all students have access to a wide array of AP classes and evaluate your transcript accordingly. It's essential that you're performing well in these honors courses and showing a strong academic performance.

If you're looking to further augment your academic profile, you might consider exploring dual enrollment opportunities at a local community college or online college coursework, which can also demonstrate your commitment to challenging yourself academically. Remember, it's about making the most of the opportunities you have available to you, and it seems like you're on the right track with your honors courses.

7 months ago

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