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What exactly do you study in Interpersonal Studies in high school?

I saw 'Interpersonal Studies' listed as an elective for next year. For anyone who’s taken it or knows about it, what do you actually learn? And is it considered a good class by colleges?

7 months ago

Interpersonal Studies is a fascinating elective that delves into the dynamics of human relationships and behavior. You'll learn about effective communication strategies, conflict resolution, and the role relationships play in personal growth. Topics might include family dynamics, friendships, romantic relationships, and workplace relations. The class often includes interactive activities such as role-playing to understand different perspectives better and develop empathy.

As for how colleges view it, this kind of course can be seen as a positive addition to your high school curriculum if it aligns with your interests or intended major. For instance, if you’re interested in psychology, social work, or any field that involves interacting closely with people, having a course like Interpersonal Studies under your belt can showcase your early commitment to understanding human relationships. However, keep in mind that it is the rigorous core academic subjects like math, science, English, history, and foreign languages that are most crucial in college admissions. So make sure you have a solid foundation in those areas as well. Electives like Interpersonal Studies can add to the narrative of your application by showing you have diverse interests and a well-rounded academic background.

7 months ago

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