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Similar colleges to UDel that also offer strong business programs?

I'm a junior interested in business and entrepreneurship, and I've heard good things about the University of Delaware's business program. I'm trying to broaden my list though. Does anyone know schools with similar academic strengths and campus culture, especially in the business field?

7 months ago

Certainly, there's a variety of schools you might consider if you're impressed with the University of Delaware's business program. A few that come to mind with strong business and entrepreneurship programs are the University of Maryland, College Park, Penn State University (particularly the Smeal College of Business), and Rutgers University in New Jersey. These schools offer a vibrant campus culture akin to UDel, with a strong sense of community and a wealth of extracurricular opportunities.

Another one to look at is Northeastern University in Boston—known for its co-op program that integrates classroom studies with professional experience, which can be particularly valuable in business education. Also, don’t overlook the University of Pittsburgh and Temple University; both have made impressive strides in their business programs recently. Lastly, exploring the Babson College, especially renowned for entrepreneurship, might be a great addition to your list. It's smaller but has a well-established reputation for business innovation. Each of these schools brings a unique flavor to their programs, so I recommend visiting campuses if possible and reaching out to current students or alumni for insights on the culture and academics!

7 months ago

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