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Harvard likely letter... myth or reality?

Hi peeps, trying not to stress out too much here, but deep down dreaming about a Harvard acceptance. I heard through the grapevine about 'likely letters' from Harvard. Does Harvard actually send these, or is it just an urban legend among us high schoolers?

7 months ago

Hello and what a great question! I'm happy to clear this up for you. Yes, 'likely letters' are indeed a real thing and not just an urban myth. A likely letter is a communication from a college, like Harvard, that informs a candidate that they are 'likely' to be admitted provided no significant drop in the quality of their academic or personal behavior before official admissions decisions are completed. They’re sort of a 'heads up, you're doing great!' form of encouragement.

Although not every high-performing applicant receives one, getting a likely letter is a positive sign that you're a strong contender in the admissions process. Keep in mind that they are rare and typically reserved for the most outstanding applicants. Still, it's best to continue working hard and maintain your academic performance, as nothing is guaranteed until you receive that official acceptance letter. Keep your spirits high and your focus steady!

7 months ago

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