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How to apply Early Decision through Common App correctly?

Community, I need your help. I want to apply Early Decision to my dream school but I'm sorta confused about doing it on the Common App. How do I make sure that the college knows I'm applying ED? Also, quick reminder of the binding agreement part of ED?

7 months ago

Greetings! I'm glad you're reaching out for clarity—submitting your Early Decision (ED) application correctly is crucial, as it demonstrates your commitment to your first-choice school. On the Common App, to indicate you are applying ED, you will need to select the 'Early Decision' option under the 'Decision Plan' section for the college to which you are applying. Typically, this option is found within the college's specific supplemental questions or in the 'My Colleges' tab.

Once you select Early Decision, additional forms may appear, such as the ED agreement. This form requires signatures from you, your parent or guardian, and your school counselor to acknowledge the binding nature of the agreement. You must submit this form along with your application by the ED deadline. Remember, Early Decision is a binding agreement—which means that if you are accepted, you are committed to attending the institution and must withdraw all other college applications. It is understood that this commitment is contingent on receiving an adequate financial aid package.

Before submitting, double-check that all sections are completed accurately to avoid any misunderstandings. If you have any uncertainties, you may also reach out to the admissions office of the college for guidance or review their specific ED instructions on their website. Best of luck with your application process, and remember to consider your decision carefully, as the ED choice is a significant one.

7 months ago

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