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Are cooking classes in high school beneficial for college apps?

Has anyone taken a cooking class in high school and do you think it’s been a positive addition to your college application? I’m really into cooking and want to include it as an extracurricular but I’m not sure if colleges would see it as valuable. Maybe it shows I’m well-rounded? Thoughts?

7 months ago

Your passion for cooking can absolutely be a positive addition to your college application! Firstly, it shows that you have interests outside of the standard academic setting, and colleges appreciate students who pursue their passions. Beyond that, if you can grow your cooking interest into something with a leadership component or impact, that can elevate its value on your application. For example, have you considered starting a cooking club at your school, or organizing a community service project related to food, such as cooking for a local shelter? Such initiatives would be seen as Tier 3 extracurriculars as they demonstrate leadership and initiative.

Additionally, if you take advanced or specialized classes in cooking, you could potentially reach the Tier 2 level by competing in contests or showcasing your culinary skills in a significant way. It's not just about being well-rounded; it's about showing your dedication and taking your interests to the next level. If cooking is where your heart is, let that shine in your application, and make sure to have other academic and extracurricular strengths that provide a comprehensive picture of who you are as a student and individual.

7 months ago

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