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Do colleges require foreign language in high school?

So, I've been taking Spanish for a couple of years now but to be honest, I'm not too passionate about it. Does anyone know if most colleges require you to have taken a foreign language in high school? How many years are typically needed?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're thinking ahead about your high school course selection and how it might impact your college applications. Most colleges do like to see that students have taken some level of foreign language in high school, the reasoning being that it often contributes to a well-rounded liberal arts education.

Now, how many years you need can vary. For many colleges, a minimum of two years of the same foreign language is expected. Some more competitive schools may prefer three or even four years of language study. However, this doesn't mean you should sacrifice your GPA to stick with a subject you're not thrilled about. If you're truly not enjoying Spanish, it may be worth considering whether to continue it or perhaps explore another interest more aligned with your passions.

That being said, before making any decisions about dropping a foreign language, be sure to check the specific requirements of the colleges you're interested in. Some schools have very specific course prerequisites and it's best to know those details early on. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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