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Should I take a visual arts class in high school if I'm not majoring in art?

Hello! I’ve always enjoyed art but I’m aiming for a STEM major. Do you think taking a visual arts class in my senior year would look out of place or could it actually help show colleges a well-rounded side of me?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you have a passion for art alongside your interest in STEM. Absolutely, taking a visual arts class can be a valuable part of your high school experience. While it's true top colleges are often looking for depth in your chosen field, they also appreciate students who have a well-balanced education and pursue their diverse interests. This can be especially true if you're able to connect your interest in art to your STEM pursuits, perhaps through an interdisciplinary project or by exploring the role of design in technology.

Additionally, demonstrating that you've taken challenging and varied courses can help round out your Academic Index, which colleges consider in admissions. So, if you love art and have room in your schedule, go for it! Keep in mind, involvement in a range of subjects can make you a more interesting and memorable applicant. Plus, having a creative outlet is often beneficial for personal growth and stress management, which is just as important. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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