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How to Send CLEP Exam Transcripts to Colleges

Just finished a CLEP exam and I need to send my scores to colleges but I'm lost. Can anyone explain how the process of sending CLEP exam transcripts works?

7 months ago

Congratulations on completing your CLEP exam! I'm happy to walk you through the process of sending your transcripts. It's pretty straightforward—first, you'll need to visit the College Board website, where CLEP is hosted. Once there, sign in to your College Board account that you would have created to register for your exam. There will be a section for CLEP exams, and from there, you can request that your scores be sent to specific colleges. You can either do this immediately after you've taken the test or anytime afterwards.

Do keep in mind that there is usually a fee for sending official transcripts, so check the latest fees and have your payment method ready. It might also be useful to have a list of college codes handy to ensure that your scores are sent to the right place. Once you've made the request, the College Board will send your CLEP exam transcripts directly to the colleges you've chosen. It typically takes about a week or two for the colleges to receive them. If you need them to be sent faster, there might be an additional fee for rush processing. Don't hesitate to contact the College Board's customer service if you run into any issues or have further questions. Good luck with your college applications!

7 months ago

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