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Exploring the Cosmos: How Beneficial is Astronomy Class for College Apps?

Curious junior here! Thinking of taking the astronomy class at my high school because space is awesome, but does it look good on college apps? Will it help show a well-rounded curriculum, or should I prioritize other sciences?

7 months ago

Hey there! Absolutely, diving into an astronomy class because of your genuine interest can definitely add a unique aspect to your curriculum. While traditional sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics are often seen as core subjects, an astronomy class can actually highlight your curiosity and willingness to explore varied academic fields.

Remember, colleges appreciate students who are passionate about their interests and pursue them. If the rest of your science curriculum is robust and you have satisfied the typical requirements or recommendations for your college list, then taking astronomy can bolster your application, showing that you're exploring beyond the basics.

However, if you haven't covered the main science courses, it's usually best to prioritize those first, as they are fundamental. But if you've got those covered, go for the stars! If you're considering STEM fields at highly selective colleges, try to enhance that astronomy class with related extracurriculars or independent projects if possible. It could be contributing to a school astronomy club, starting a blog or YouTube channel on space-related topics, or volunteering at a local science museum. Those extracurricular connections can really help show your spike in the field. Good luck!

7 months ago

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