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What's the importance of fitness or PE classes in high school?

So our school requires us to take a lifetime fitness class to graduate. Do colleges care about this at all, and should I try to take more than the minimum? Does it reflect on my application somehow if I take electives in PE or should I focus on academic electives?

7 months ago

Hello! It's excellent that you're thinking about how different aspects of your high school curriculum might be viewed by colleges. The requirement for a fitness or PE class is quite common in many high schools, and fulfilling this requirement demonstrates that you are meeting the graduation criteria for your school. Typically, colleges expect students to have completed a certain number of physical education credits as part of a balanced and comprehensive high school education.

However, when it comes to strengthening your college application, taking additional PE classes beyond the required minimum usually does not hold the same weight as taking more academically rigorous electives, particularly in areas that align with your intended major or areas of interest. If you have the opportunity to take advanced courses in subjects that interest you or relate to your potential college major, those selections might be more impactful. Keep in mind, colleges typically look to see that you're challenging yourself and engaging deeply with your academic interests. If there's room in your schedule, and you have a passion for physical education, it wouldn’t hurt to take more, but it should not come at the expense of academic rigor and depth in other subject areas.

7 months ago

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