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How do I choose which classes to take in high school to align with my future major?

I’m starting to think about my major, but I’m not sure how to select my high school classes to match up with it. Any advice on how to plan out my classes for junior and senior year to prepare for a specific major?

7 months ago

It's great to hear that you're thinking ahead about aligning your high school courses with your potential college major! Your junior and senior years are prime times to showcase your interests and strengths to colleges through your course selection.

Start by considering the subjects you are passionate about and then look into the standard prerequisites for that major. For instance, if you're leaning towards a major in Engineering, you'll want to emphasize advanced math and science courses like Calculus and Physics. If you're interested in the Humanities, opt for advanced English, History, or foreign language courses. Remember to also maintain a balanced schedule that includes courses across different fields to demonstrate well-rounded academic skills.

Additionally, consider taking AP or dual enrollment classes in your area of interest, which can provide you with tangible credits that colleges may accept. Moreover, this can be a strong indicator of your commitment and ability to handle college-level coursework in your proposed field.

Remember to also leave room for extracurricular involvement, as a passion for a subject often extends beyond the classroom.

By strategically planning your coursework and being involved in related activities, you'll be setting yourself up for a strong college application. Always feel welcome to reach out to me or any guidance counselor for a more personalized planning session!

7 months ago

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