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Impact of not having AP classes offered at my high school?

My high school doesn't offer AP classes and I'm a bit worried about how this might look to colleges. Is there someone who was in a similar situation and can advise on how to approach this in applications?

7 months ago

Don't worry too much about the absence of AP classes at your high school. Admissions officers evaluate your academic rigor within the context of what is available to you. Since your school doesn't offer AP courses, they won't penalize you for not taking any. However, to strengthen your academic profile, you may want to consider other rigorous options that may be available, such as honors classes, dual enrollment classes with a local community college, or online AP courses, if that's possible for you.

Additionally, when crafting your application, you can address this context in the additional information section on the Common App. Explain that your school doesn't offer AP courses and highlight other ways you have sought academic challenges or enrichment outside of the standard curriculum. It might also help if your school counselor includes a note about the lack of AP offerings in their recommendation letter. Admissions committees just need to know you've taken the most rigorous coursework available to you. Colleges are very understanding of these differences in educational opportunities, so focus on excelling within what your school does offer and pursuing learning outside of school when possible.

7 months ago

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