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What's the best online programming course for high schoolers?

Hey, I'm really into computer science and want to build my skills. I've done some coding in my spare time, but I want a structured course. Does anyone have suggestions for great online programming courses that would also look good on college applications?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic that you're looking to enhance your coding skills. One excellent resource I often recommend is Codecademy, which offers a range of programming languages and is well-respected. Another is Coursera, where you can find computer science courses from universities like Stanford and Duke. Make sure that whatever course you choose, you're learning and developing projects that you can showcase. Sometimes, the platform isn't as important as the skills you gain and what you do with them.

As for college applications, admissions officers love to see that students have taken initiative to learn outside of school. If you're looking to make your application stand out, consider working on a personal project or participating in coding competitions—those experiences show application, passion, and sometimes collaboration. Not only do they demonstrate dedication to computer science, but they are also excellent talking points for essays and interviews. Remember, the quality of your engagement in these extracurriculars is what will shine on your applications, not just the name of the course. Good luck, and keep coding!

7 months ago

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