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What classes should I prioritize in my junior year of high school for college prep?

Junior year is coming up quick and I know it's a critical one for college apps. What classes are best to take during this year to appeal to colleges? Should I be focusing on APs, electives related to my intended major, or a mix of both?

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're planning ahead for your junior year and considering how your course selection may impact your college applications. You're correct that this is a pivotal time. My advice would be to focus on taking the most rigorous courses available to you that you are reasonably sure you can do well in.

For subjects related to your intended major, definitely try to take AP or advanced courses in these areas, as this shows colleges your commitment and interest in the field. A mix is often beneficial – AP courses demonstrate your academic rigor and electives show your passions and interests. For instance, if you're interested in engineering, taking AP Calculus would be impressive, but so would an elective in robotics or computer science.

Balancing your schedule is key; while challenging yourself, also ensure that you're not overloading to the point where your grades could suffer. Remember, colleges look for students who challenge themselves but also perform well in those challenges. Keep a strong GPA while demonstrating curiosity and commitment in areas that excite you, and you'll be on a solid path. Best of luck in your junior year!

7 months ago

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