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Is taking college courses in high school worth it for college admissions?

Hey everyone, I've been considering enrolling in a college course or two while I'm still in high school. Do you think this could give me an edge in the college admissions process? How do colleges view high school students who've taken college-level classes?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking college courses while in high school is generally seen as a positive move in the eyes of college admissions officers. This kind of academic initiative demonstrates your willingness to challenge yourself beyond the standard high school curriculum, which is something that colleges, especially selective ones, like to see. It indicates that you’re likely to be successful in college-level work as well. Moreover, these courses can sometimes be used for college credit, which might allow you to graduate earlier or take more advanced courses once you’re in college.

However, remember that it's important to do well in these courses, as colleges will consider the grades you receive just as they would with your high school courses. Also, keep in mind the balance with your other responsibilities and extracurricular activities. It's impressive to take on college coursework, but not at the expense of your overall academic performance or your health. For example, a student I once counseled chose a single college-level course in an area of interest and managed to earn a high grade, which favorably enhanced her college application without overwhelming her schedule.

If you have a particular interest or career path in mind, choosing college courses related to that field can also help in shaping your 'spike' and making your application stand out even more. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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