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Does taking courses like the ones offered at Harvard help with high school success?

Does completing high school courses from places like Harvard help improve our college applications, or is it more about the challenge and knowledge gained?

7 months ago

Taking advanced courses from respected institutions like Harvard does have the potential to strengthen your college application. Admissions committees often look favorably upon students who take the initiative to pursue rigorous academic opportunities. However, it's essential to keep in mind that the choice to take such courses should align with your genuine interests and academic goals.

While having Harvard on your application may catch an eye, it's the challenge posed by the coursework and the knowledge that you gain that really matters. Demonstrate how these courses have pushed you to grow intellectually and personally, and how they dovetail with your future academic and career aspirations.

An example would be a student who takes a course in molecular biology through a university and then furthers that interest through independent research or a related extracurricular project; this shows a deep engagement with the subject matter beyond the classroom. Remember, quality and depth of engagement are more important than just the prestige of the institution offering the course.

7 months ago

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