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What does 'dual enrollment' mean in the Common App context?

I keep seeing the term 'dual enrollment' on the Common App, and I'm not 100% about what that actually entails. Does it refer to college classes I took while in high school, or is it something else? Maybe someone here who's done dual enrollment can clarify this for me.

7 months ago

Hey there! In the context of the Common App, 'dual enrollment' refers to courses that you take while you're still in high school that are considered college-level classes. These classes can be taken either at your high school if offered and facilitated by a partnering college, or directly on a college campus if you've been given the opportunity.

The cool part? These classes can potentially give you both high school and college credit simultaneously. Just think of it as a neat way to get a head start on your college coursework before you've even graduated high school! If you've taken any classes like this, you'd check off 'dual enrollment' on your Common App to indicate to colleges that you've already dabbled in college-level work.

Be sure to include any dual enrollment classes you've taken when you list your coursework on the Common App, as this shows colleges your initiative and ability to handle more rigorous academics while balancing your high school responsibilities. Hope that clears things up for you!

7 months ago

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