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Opinions on Coursera or Other Online Courses for HS Students?

I bumped into some online platforms like Coursera that offer courses for high schoolers. Do you think adding a few of these to my schedule would give me an edge in admissions, or should I focus on AP/IB classes instead?

7 months ago

I think it's great that you're considering various options to enhance your learning experience. While AP/IB courses are valuable because they contribute to your GPA and demonstrate that you can handle rigorous and advanced coursework, online courses can add an extra layer to your academic profile.

Colleges appreciate students who take the initiative to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting. Coursera and similar platforms offer a chance to explore subjects that might not be available at your school, and they can certainly show your passion for learning.

Just make sure to balance your schedule so you don't overextend yourself. It's better to do well in a few areas than to spread yourself too thin. Also, keep in mind that selective colleges are looking for a deep involvement or 'spike' in a particular area, so if these courses align with your academic interests or future major, they could indeed strengthen your application.

7 months ago

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