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How beneficial are summer study abroad programs for college admissions?

Hey everyone, I’m a junior starting to plan out my summer and I’ve been considering joining a study abroad program. Do colleges value these experiences? I’m excited about the cultural immersion but I'm a little stressed about how much of an impact it would have on my application.

7 months ago

Summer study abroad programs can certainly enrich your personal development and give you valuable experiences to draw from. When it comes to college applications, the impact varies. Colleges appreciate students who are open to new experiences and challenges.

However, what's crucial is not just that you studied abroad, but what you did with that experience. Did you learn a new language, engage deeply with the local community, or develop a new perspective that shifted your academic or career goals? Those outcomes can make for compelling elements in your essays or interviews.

Be wary of programs that are more about tourism than genuine cultural engagement. It's not just about where you went, but about what you learned and accomplished while you were there. Choose a program with a strong educational component, and it can be a worthwhile addition to your application.

7 months ago

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