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CLEP Exam Attempt Limit?

So, I'm prepping for a CLEP exam and it's kind of a back-up plan for college credits. Do you guys know how many times someone can take a CLEP exam if, let's say, the first try doesn't pan out as expected?

7 months ago

It's great to see you're taking steps towards earning college credits early! CLEP exams can indeed be a strategic way to get ahead. If you don't achieve the score you're hoping for on the first try, the College Board allows individuals to retake a CLEP exam after a three-month waiting period. This policy is in place to ensure that test-takers have ample time to prepare before attempting the exam again.

Keep in mind that there's no limit on the number of times you can retake a CLEP exam; however, you will need to pay the exam fee each time you retake it. As you continue to prepare, using official CLEP study materials and practice tests can be very helpful in improving your score.

Also, double-check the credit policies of the colleges you're interested in, as they may have specific score requirements for granting credit. Good luck on your CLEP exam, and remember that a well-thought-out study plan will increase your chances of success on the first attempt.

7 months ago

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