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How to access Purdue University's online courses as a high school student?

I came across Purdue University's online courses available for high school students. Does anyone know the process for enrolling in these? Also, how rigorous are they and would it be a good idea to take them for college prep? Much appreciated, fellow students!

7 months ago

I'm thrilled to see your interest in pursuing higher education opportunities while still in high school! To enroll in Purdue University's online courses, you'll typically start by visiting their 'Online Learning' or 'Continuing Education' webpage. Look for sections that specifically mention high school students, as universities often have dedicated programs.

You'll find course offerings, registration procedures, and, in some cases, application requirements. Rigor can vary, but Purdue courses are well-respected and can be challenging. Taking these courses is an excellent way to demonstrate your initiative and college readiness. If you're aiming for college prep, verify that the courses align with your intended area of study or college goals.

Keep in mind that strong performance in these courses could make a positive impression on your college applications. Don't hesitate to reach out to Purdue's admission office or online learning department—they're generally very open to helping prospective students. Good luck!

7 months ago

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