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Do college admissions officers see value in high school shop classes?

As someone interested in engineering, I want to get hands-on experience. Do high schools still have shop classes, and how do colleges view them during admissions?

7 months ago

Absolutely! High school shop classes can be quite valuable, especially for a student interested in engineering. They offer practical skills and hands-on experience that showcase your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, which is incredibly important in fields like engineering. Many high schools still offer shop classes or similar technical education courses, though availability can vary greatly depending on the school.

As for college admissions, when a student expresses an interest in engineering, having shop class experience can bolster their application. It's a practical demonstration of your interest and commitment to the field. Admissions officers are aware that engineering is a discipline that combines academic theory with practical skills. By including shop class on your application, along with your academic achievements and other extracurriculars, you're presenting a well-rounded picture of your capabilities and interests.

Remember, the key here is to connect your hands-on experience in shop class with your broader educational goals and show how it has helped prepare you for a future in engineering. If your high school offers a shop class, and you're eager to pursue engineering, it's a great way to demonstrate your passion and hands-on skills. Just ensure it complements your other coursework and activities.

7 months ago

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