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Would a speech class in high school be valuable for college admissions?

Junior year is coming up, and I’m considering taking a speech class to improve my public speaking skills. Do admissions officers take note of courses like these? Could this help my application stand out if I am aiming for a degree in Communications or something similar?

7 months ago

Absolutely, a speech class can be a valuable addition to your high school curriculum, especially since you're interested in Communications. Admissions officers do appreciate when students take courses that align with their intended major because it demonstrates genuine interest and self-awareness about their educational journey. It also shows that you are actively seeking to develop skills that will be critical in your field of study.

Considering that public speaking is a fundamental aspect of many careers in Communications, excelling in a speech class could allow you to showcase your commitment and skill development in this area. This could be particularly impactful if your high school has opportunities for competitive speaking or you're able to integrate what you learn into your extracurricular activities.

Perhaps you could lead presentations for a club or organize community events that require public speaking. These could serve not only to enhance your application but also to provide concrete examples of your growth in this skill set.

Moreover, excelling in this class could give you rich material for your personal statement or supplementary essays, where you could discuss your passion for communication and how the class has helped you advance towards your college and career goals. Best of luck with your junior year and your college application process!

7 months ago

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