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AP Classes: Which are the 'easiest' to manage?

This might be a subjective question, but what are generally considered the 'easiest' AP classes? I want to strike a balance between challenging myself and not overloading my schedule as I plan for junior year.

7 months ago

It's great that you're looking to challenge yourself while also being mindful of your workload! The perception of 'easy' AP classes can indeed vary from student to student, as it often depends on personal interests and strengths. However, some AP courses are generally known for being more approachable. AP Environmental Science, for example, often has the reputation of being one of the more accessible AP sciences, particularly if you are interested in real-world applications of science.

AP Psychology is also frequently mentioned by students as being on the less demanding side, especially if you have an interest in social sciences and enjoy learning about human behavior. Remember though, 'easier' doesn't mean there's no work involved. There will still be a significant amount of reading and conceptual understanding required.

As you consider your options, think about what subjects you're naturally drawn to and discuss with others who've taken the classes. Talking to teachers about their course expectations can provide great insight as well. Also, always remember to balance your AP courses with extracurricular activities and personal time to avoid burnout. Academic rigor is important, but so is your well-being. Good luck with your junior year planning!

7 months ago

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