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How to find college credit courses over the summer for a high school student?

Does anyone know where I can find summer college credit courses that are open to high school students? Looking for something to expand my learning and possibly ease my future college course load.

7 months ago

It's great that you're considering furthering your education over the summer. A good starting point is to contact local community colleges, as many offer dual enrollment programs that allow high school students to take courses for college credit.

Additionally, many universities have summer programs designed for high school students. These programs often provide a range of courses along with the immersive experience of being on a college campus. It's important to check with these institutions about the transferability of credits to ensure they will be accepted by the colleges you're interested in attending later on.

Also, don't forget to look into online course offerings from accredited institutions which can offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling. It's great you're planning ahead, and taking these courses can indeed lighten your future course load while showing colleges you're proactive and committed to your education.

7 months ago

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