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Are online language courses for high school credit seen as legit by admissions officers?

Quick question, I'm planning to take Japanese online since my high school doesn't offer it. Will colleges consider this as valid as taking it in person for the foreign language requirement?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's wonderful to hear about your interest in pursuing Japanese. I want to reassure you that college admissions officers generally view online courses as legitimate, especially when traditional in-person options are unavailable at your school.

Online courses can show your initiative to go beyond the regular curriculum and your dedication to learning. Just make sure that the online course is from an accredited institution, as this ensures the rigor and validity of the program.

Moreover, if you achieve a solid understanding of the language through the course, it could potentially strengthen your application profile. Colleges often seek students who are proactive and eager to expand their knowledge. Completing a course in Japanese online can be a testament to those qualities. Just bear in mind that many schools have their own exams for students to prove proficiency in a language, so be ready to potentially face those.

Keep up the dedication to your language studies!

7 months ago

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