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Is taking a mythology class in high school beneficial for college admissions?

Need some help deciding on my schedule for next year. Do colleges like it when you have classes like mythology on your transcript? I'm wondering if it can help me stand out or if I should focus on more traditional academic courses. Thanks in advance for any input!

7 months ago

Hello there! It's fantastic that you're planning ahead and thinking about how your course selection can impact college admissions. Taking a class like mythology can indeed be beneficial, especially if it aligns with your academic interests or intended major. Colleges appreciate students who pursue their passions and showcase a breadth of intellectual curiosity through their course choices.

However, it's important to balance your schedule. You should ensure that you're also enrolled in core academic courses that demonstrate a rigorous schedule. For instance, if you're planning to apply to colleges with a strong liberal arts program, a class like mythology could complement your curriculum nicely. It's all about constructing a well-rounded yet challenging high school experience—while also making room for subjects that truly interest you.

Also, consider what you could potentially do outside of class related to mythology. Could it inspire a unique project or activity? Remember, it’s not just about the classes you take, but also what you do with the knowledge and interests you develop. Good luck with your decisions!

7 months ago

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