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What's the national average high school GPA currently?

Hello guys, I’m trying to assess where I stand academically and I’m kinda curious about the national average GPA for high school students. Does anyone know what it is right now? Wondering if colleges consider this when looking at our transcripts.

7 months ago

Hello there! As of the latest information, the national average high school GPA hovers around a 3.0. This roughly translates to a 'B' average. Keep in mind, however, that GPAs can vary due to the differences in grading scales between schools.

Colleges certainly look at your GPA, but they do so in the context of your school's profile. This profile typically outlines the grading system and course rigor available, allowing admission officers to assess your academic performance relative to your specific educational environment.

So, it's beneficial to aim above the national average, while also taking challenging courses available to you, as this demonstrates both academic capability and ambition. Hope that helps you gauge where you stand!

7 months ago

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