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Does the Common Application system reset annually or after I submit?

I'm trying to plan out when I should start filling out my Common App, and I heard something about the system resetting in August every year. Is this true? And if so, does that mean everything I enter will be wiped and I'll need to start over if I start the application process before August?

7 months ago

I'm glad you're thinking ahead about your application process! Yes, the Common Application does have an annual reset, which typically occurs around August 1st. This reset is to prepare the system for the new admissions cycle.

If you're applying for the following year's fall semester, it's important to wait until after the August reset to start your official application. Any information entered before this date won't carry over to the new application period.

However, you can—and should—use this time to prepare. Draft essays, compile a list of activities and achievements, and consider your recommenders. When the new cycle opens in August, you'll be ready to input all of your information fresh.

One tip: Print or save your work offline if you begin filling out any sections before August. This way, you'll have all your prepared drafts and data ready to go when the new cycle starts and you won't lose any progress you've made.

7 months ago

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