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Which science classes are a must-have for a solid college application?

I'm scheduling my classes for next year and trying not to freak out—someone told me colleges expect you to take certain science classes to consider your application 'competitive'. Which sciences did you take or are you planning to take? Any advice appreciated!

7 months ago

I understand why picking the right classes can feel stressful, but it's great that you're planning ahead. To construct a competitive college application, it's advisable to take a solid base of science courses. This typically includes Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

If your school offers AP or IB versions of the above classes—and you're up for the challenge—these can demonstrate your ability to tackle college-level work. Colleges usually like to see at least two to three years of laboratory sciences.

For students aiming at top-tier schools or pursuing STEM majors, it's particularly beneficial to go beyond the basics. This could mean taking upper-level courses like AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, or even specialized courses like Environmental Science or Anatomy if your school offers them.

Remember, the key is to balance rigor with what you can handle without overstretching yourself. As you weigh your options, consider speaking with your science teachers or counselor to gauge which advanced classes align best with your interests and abilities.

7 months ago

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