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High School Summer Classes: Worth it or not?

I'm considering taking some classes over the summer to get ahead or maybe explore an interest. Does anyone have experiences with summer classes that benefited them in high school or when applying to colleges? Trying to figure out if it’s a smart move or if I should just enjoy my summer.

7 months ago

Summer classes can be a great way to demonstrate your academic initiative and willingness to challenge yourself, which is something colleges look for. They also offer an opportunity to explore subjects not always available during the regular school year. If you can strike a balance between coursework and some downtime, it could enhance your application by showing that you are proactive about learning.

For example, if you're interested in engineering, a summer course in robotics or computer programming could both advance your knowledge and serve as a talking point in your college essays or interviews. It shows you're going beyond the regular curriculum to pursue your interests. However, it would still be important to make time for relaxation, as burnout is a real concern. Allowing yourself some rest over the summer can also mean you’re more engaged during the school year. Remember, the key is balance!

Ultimately, whether you choose to take summer classes should align with your personal and academic goals. If there's a subject you're truly passionate about, or an area you feel could strengthen your college application, it would be beneficial to consider taking that summer course, especially if it also gives you a chance to demonstrate leadership or initiative in that field.

7 months ago

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