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CollegeVine’s interface makes working with clients so much easier, and with their top-notch reputation, I've never been in more demand!

Christopher Kilner


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Thousands of families come to CollegeVine every day to find a college advisor. Reach the right clients for you with a compelling profile, flexible services, and broadcasted livestreams to showcase your expertise.

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Centralize all your client management in one easy to use platform. Offer ad hoc services, packages, and essay reviews instantly. Schedule client meetings, message with the entire family, and hold delightful collaboration sessions.

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Collaborate with families in real-time and get unlimited access to our workspace for researching schools, calculating admissions chances, measuring financial outcomes, and so much more.

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We're committed to helping our community of IECs grow in the profession. Access tons of free programming on the admissions process, client management, sales, and more. Learn from peers just like you delivering amazing guidance to families.

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It’s amazing seeing students become more confident in themselves as they realize how much they have already accomplished. Through CollegeVine, I get to work with more students as they pursue their future goals.

Alexandra Johnson


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Where is CollegeVine available?

CollegeVine is available to students and families all over the world, though our focus is on colleges and universities located in the United States. Advisors are required to live within the United States in order to list services on CollegeVine.

What kind of services can advisors on CollegeVine offer?

Advisors on CollegeVine can offer a wide range of services focused on helping students and families navigate the college admissions process. You can offer help with building a school list, planning out college visits, crafting a resume, improving extracurriculars, writing essays, preparing for interviews, creating a plan to pay for college, and so much more!

How long does it take to start advising on CollegeVine?

After verification of your identity and completion of required paperwork (typically takes no more than 3-5 business days), you'll be able to start working with clients immediately.

How do I get paid?

Payments for services completed on CollegeVine are made via ACH transfer to your bank on a monthly basis.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can work with through CollegeVine?

At CollegeVine, the sky is the limit! Advisors on CollegeVine are welcome to work with as many or as few clients as they choose. There's no required minimum nor any maximum number of clients.