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University of Richmond

University of Richmond, Virginia4-yearPrivate

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Yes, the food really is that good.


Student Life: Constant Energy


Degree options


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The accounting department at the University of Richmond is well known throughout the country for producing especially high quality graduates each year. After receiving an accounting degree from the University, many of our students pursue positions with international public accounting firms, major corporations, not-for-profit entities or local businesses. Some students attend graduate school in business, law or the liberal arts. While pursuing an accounting degree at the University of Richmond, students are taught to understand accounting and its many complexities rather than being forced to memorize purely mechanical procedures. The entire accounting program stresses the theory behind accounting so that graduates will have the basis of knowledge to begin a lifelong career.

Offerings: Major, Concentration

Africana Studies (Launching fall 2022)

Africana Studies is an academic concentration that critically examines the African diaspora from multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Through a wide variety of courses and programming in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, the Program explores the complex socio-political landscapes, economic structures, and cultural traditions that shape, impact, and stem from the African diaspora. There are no limits to what students can do with an Africana Studies degree. The Africana Studies Program will be formally launched in the fall of 2022.

Offerings: Major

American Studies

American Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides opportunities for students to study American culture, society, identity, and politics by combining coursework in a wide variety of disciplines into a single major.

Offerings: Major, Minor

Faculty spotlight

Religious life

The University is a secular institution that values a diversity of religious expression. The Chaplaincy offers many opportunities for students to practice their own faith, learn about the spiritual traditions of others, and engage in programs and conversations that pursue faith and meaning on campus, in one’s own life, and in the wider world. The Office of the Chaplaincy at the University of Richmond affirms that religious practice and spiritual exploration are central to a well-rounded collegiate experience, healthy campus community, and faithful citizenship in a world richly textured by religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. To that end, the Office of the Chaplaincy is committed to creating an inclusive community to support the wide range of religious and spiritual backgrounds, experiences, and practices present in the student body.

Religious affiliation

Sacred spaces and religious facilities


Investiture & Proclamation

Before classes start, students get dressed up to attend Investiture or Proclamation. Male students officially join Richmond College during Investiture, learning about the college's history, unveiling the class flag, and signing the Honor Pledge. Proclamation is a similar ceremony for students joining Westhampton College.

Spider Drop

The night before the fall semester begins, Spiders enjoy a concert below the Boatwright Library tower. In addition to music and dancing, the main event is when a silhouette of a spider drops down the tower like the Times Square ball drop to signify the start of the semester.

Spring Concert

Each spring, the Center for Student Involvement puts on a concert to celebrate the end of the year. Headliners have included Bryce Vine and Sean Kingston.

Candlelight Ceremony

As they prepare for graduation, seniors light candles and walk around the Westhampton Lake to reflect on their four years at Richmond.

Grants and scholarships

Richmond Scholars

Presidential Scholarship

Oliver Hill Scholarship

Bonner Scholars

Financial aid case study

Applying for Financial Aid (English)


Annual cost

Tuition (Fall 2022-23)$60,330
Room & Food (Housing & Meals)$14,870 (First Year Residence Hall + Spider Unlimited Meal Plan)
Books, supplies, and other fees$2,200