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Hey, I am really struggling with my college application especially since I want to apply to ivy league universities to elaborate more on that I am an international student from Africa with an estimated 4.0 GPA however my honor and ap section are completely empty because my school or my country, in general, do not offer any APs or honors there aren't any clubs either but I managed to make it to the national debate team and will compete in international competitions, I also speak five languages and I helped a blind person pass the national test and we passed, I also landed an internship in a bank and with that being said what do you think that I look promising to admission officers? also, I am planning to take the SAT and the TOEFL test, lastly thank you for taking some to read my question I hope you can give back feedback and also tell me where I should improve, one more thing will I be able to land scholarships or some kind of finacia aid ?

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4 months ago

Hi there @Manalfargani,

It's not a problem if your school does not have honors or AP classes - when they look at your application and school report from your college counselor, admissions officers will be aware of what offerings are at your school. As long as you have taken the most rigorous courses possible at your school and gotten good grades, you should be in good shape to apply to top colleges.

As for your extracurriculars, be sure to mention the scale of them when you apply. For example, if you're participating in a debate competition, include that it was at the national level. If you are doing volunteer or community service work, quantify your achievement (e.g. how many people you helped).

Standardized testing-wise, it seems you have the two tests you need to take squared away. You should be covered, but you might want to double check your potential colleges' websites to make sure each prospective school you are applying to does not require any additional testing for international students.

Finally, regarding financial aid - a lot of schools are need-aware for international students. This means that they take your finances into consideration with your application. To maximize your chances of admission if you need financial aid, you should also apply to need-blind schools, or those that do not consider financial status when making an admissions decision. You should also look into schools that cover 100% of students' demonstrated need if you need financial assistance.

Best of luck and hope this helps!

4 months ago

I think you look like a great applicant! Schools will take into consideration the fact that your school doesn't offer APs so don't worry about that. All of your extracurriculars are extremely strong and if you can win any awards before the application deadline, then that's even better. I will definitely say that you're a strong competitor but also keep in mind that at least 25% of people who apply to Ivy League are as strong as you (academic-wise).


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