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  1. Write a clear question title that ends in a “?”. Put additional information in the details section.
  2. Vote! Upvote posts that are helpful and accurate. Downvote posts that aren’t high quality or you disagree with. You’ll help the best posts rise to the top!
  3. Be kind, be respectful, and keep posts relevant to college admissions and high school.
  4. Flag any posts that are inappropriate, rude, or break the community guidelines.
  1. Don’t be rude. Posts containing anything violent, racist, attacking, trolling, illegal, offensive, inappropriate, etc. are strictly prohibited and will be removed.
  2. Don’t ask “chance-me” questions. These are questions that list your profile and ask how likely you are to get into a school. You should rely on the CollegeVine chancing engine to answer this type of question, as it’s extremely hard for a single person to guess your chance of admission. “Chance-me” posts often turn into bragging/flexing, and that’s not what we’re about here.
  3. Don’t ask for essay reviews. You can use the peer essay review tool for safe and fast reviews. Don’t post your sharable essay link on the Q&A to get a faster review. Instead, try “fast-tracking” your essay with karma!
  4. Don’t share personally identifying information like your name, email, or high school. Don’t attempt to solicit, reveal, or share personal information about other users.
  5. Don’t post advertisements. These are unsolicited promotions of yourself, your business, or products/services.
  6. Posts that break the guidelines will be locked by a moderator. Users who break the guidelines 3 times will be banned from the Q&A.